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ARVO 2024

Kuria is excited to present three posters at ARVO 2024! These will be made available when the meeting gets underway.

SCO-116 exhibits potent, selective activation of NRF2 suitable for use in treatment of ocular diseases

Ralph Henry, Dave Flory, W. Brooks Gentry, Yuko Katayama, Ryokichi Koyama, Shigemitsu Matsumoto, Yasuke Moritoh, Misty Stevens, Masanori Watanabe, Keith W. Ward

Coming Soon Poster.png

SCO-116, a novel small-molecule NRF2 activator, potently induces NQO1 in multiple rabbit ocular tissues

Misty Stevens, W. Brooks Gentry, Dave Flory, Ralph Henry, Brett Schneider, Keith W. Ward

Coming Soon Poster.png

SCO-116 protects retinal pigment epithelium from oxidative insult in vitro and preserves visual function and retinal structure in sodium iodate-induced geographic atrophy in rats in vivo

Keith W. Ward, Rafal Farjo, Dave Flory, W. Brooks Gentry, Ralph Henry, Didier J. Nuno, Misty Stevens, Phillip Vanlandingham

Coming Soon Poster.png
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