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Mitochondrial Dysfunction is a 
ROOT CAUSE of Blinding Diseases

Vision has high ATP requirements

In the retina, ATP drives the visual cycle in the retinal pigment epithelium, photoreceptors, and neural retina. In the cornea, ATP powers endothelial cell pumps to keep the cornea clear.

mito 6

While managing
constant ROS insult

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are created in the retina by high oxygen tension in the choriocapillaris and in the cornea by constant exposure to UV light.

of Mitochondrial Function

Nrf2 activation 

Increases mitochondrial function and detoxifies ROS which may be beneficial in a broad array of ophthalmic diseases.

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Kuria has a PORTFOLIO
of patented Nrf2 activators

These activators increase expression of target protein in eye tissues, including retinal pigment epithelium, corneal endothelium, corneal stroma, corneal epithelium, lens epithelium, ciliary body, and trabecular meshwork.


Kuria will initiate 3 clinical programs, with 2 product candidates, within 12 months from funding.  

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View our CEO's company presentation for the 2023 Ophthalmology Futures European Forum (Vienna, Austria)


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